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    Pratissoli VH14 Offshore Pipe Polishing

    For Offshore Oil and Gas Industry  Explore . Drill . Clean . Repeat Willsoon F.E. Pte Ltd presents to you the Pratissoli VH14 high pressure pump, this equipment is a must have for maintaining and cleaning your offshore pipes. The pressure is high enough to get rid of scaling, rust and residual debris on your offshore pipes. This equipment can recondition those offshore pipes to look like brand new again….

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    Complete Sewer Jetting Solution

    Model          : Pratissoli High Pressure Pump MW 45 Pressure       : 155 bar (2248 PSI) Volume         : 267 litre/min (70.5 US GPM) Pump Revolution: 1500 rpm Fluid Temp     : 0 – 65 deg. c Driven By      : Cummins 6BT5.9 Diesel Engine Origin         : Italy Packaged with canopy enclosure Includes mounting on truck bed and design C/W   Hydraulic drum forward, reverse for coiling of hose, 150 meter 1″ high pressure pipe cleaning…

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    WS201 Pressure Washer

    Pump: WS201 Interpump High Pressure Plunger Pump Pressure Washer on Wheels. Customer chose to built this unit with us because it has higher specs than our competitors for industrial cleaning purposes. Enquire with us about the price, you will be pleasantly surprised. Flow: 15 LPMPressure: 200 BARRPM: 1450Wattage: 5.5 KwShaft: 24mmInlet: 1/2″ FemaleOutlet: 3/8″ Female Motor: 415V, 3Phase, 50Hz, 1450rpm, 7.5kW Starter: Star Delta with Water Proof Button

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    Train Track Cleaning Water Blasting

    Singapore’s very own Train Track Cleaning machine using the Pratissoli MW45 pump. 150 bars of water pressure and 267 lpm of water flow makes sure that dirt and grind comes off the Singapore tracks instantly. The newly cleaned shiny tracks are perfect to prevent track losses so that our transport ministers can sleep soundly. Willsoon has been the official distributors of Pratissoli High Pressures Plunger Pumps since 1995. We do…

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  • HPC

    Willsoon HPC Unit

    AStar High Pressure Coolant Supply for High-Tech Precision Machining Tool This pumping unit is made to pump, transfer and filter coolant to the high tech machining tool. This project was completed for Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). AStar drives mission-oriented research that advances scientific discovery and technological innovation. They play a key role in nurturing and developing talent and leaders for our Research Institutes, the wider research community,…

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    Willsoon Jetter + Vacuum Tanker Combi Unit

      Willsoon Jetter + Vacuum Tanker Combi Unit is trailer mounted and is a “must-have” for all sewer maintenance contractors; 2 in 1 unit; mobile; can be mounted on any trailer. For Jetting and Vacuuming of sewer lines, once Jetting water is spent, debris and sludge from sewer floor can be vacuumed up. Debris/Water Tank Size: 13,500 Lit Material: Stainless Steel 304 Rear Door: Hydraulic powered opening with two (2)…

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    Chingay 2017 Event

    Willsoon is proud to have supplied Chingay 2017 with water transfer pumps. Chingay is a national event and it is the largest street performance and float parade in Asia.  From the main parade site to the heartlands, this street extravaganza epitomises the dynamism of Singapore’s vibrant and multicultural society.  This year the event included a special water feature that required water transfer pumps.  We filtered the water from the Marina Reservoir before transferring it to…

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    Willsoon Well Pointing

    Willsoon assisted in the foundation work of the expansion of Changi Airport on a 1,080 hectare site at Changi East. Well pointing Dewater pumps were used to reduce the waterbed levels before excavation works were started. The project used up to 20 of such pumps to dewater a large portion of the land area. Equipment Used: Wellpointing Pump from Singapore Pump Products – SPP 6” Vacuum Assisted Centrifugal Wellpoint Dewatering…

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    Willsoon Rental – Ballasting and Loading

    Project Description: Our client needed to load on a very huge 1000 tonne equipment on to a transport barge for shipping. Balancing the transport barge during loading and unloading (ballasting) is a crucial and a highly risky task. Multimillions of dollars are at stake, therefore getting a professional, reliable pump ballasting company like Willsoon will make sure your task is done effectively and efficiently. Equipment Needed: 5 units Rental of…

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    Willsoon Ship Side Water Blasting

      Woma high pressure triplex pump driven by Volvo Penta diesel engine. This pump can blast anything off a ship side, with 1000 bars of pressure and almost 230KW of raw power, nothing can stand in its way. This is a video sent in from one of our satisfied customers. Instead of using the normal method of sand blasting to service their ships they switched to water blasting instead. Water…

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    Singapore Shipyard Barge Ballasting

    This project required 6 units of 40kW pumps. A number of our skilled engineers were dispatched for this particular project and it was completed within a time frame of 2 days. Sea water from outside the barge was pumped into the barge to balance it while heavy load from the other side of the barge was taken off. The seawater acts as a counterweight to stabilize the barge. Technical Specifications…

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    Transferring of Chemicals From Tanker

    This project required transferring of Brine from a chemical tanker to a cooling tower 20m above. The Brine is used in a hi-technology semiconductor facility in Singapore for the purpose of cooling the building. One unit of a 20kW Sykes pump was used for the project which emptied 20 tankers full of brine into the facility. The project took 20 hours, and was completed on February 10th 2007. Technical Specifications…

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    Ultra-high Pressure Cleaning

    Cleaning works was done on a Singapore process plant during shut down. The project included cleaning refinary transfer pipes. Technical Specifications of Project: Pump Type: Flows Ultra-high Pressure Pump Pump flow rate: 20 liters/min Pump pressure: 30,000 psi Engine: Cummins 150kW deisel engine

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