Spain Geka 80 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker

Geka Hydracrop 80 Ironworker Machines
2 Cylinders Hydraulic ironworker machine with 2 working areas and 5 workstations.

Geka Hydracrop 80 is an ironworker machine that can do punching, notching, angle cutting and shearing tasks. It is part of Geka´s two-cylinder Ironworker machines series called Hydracrop.

Geka Hydracrop 80 is an ironworker machine with 2 Cylinders. Having 2 cylinders allows this machine to be managed by two workers at the same time resulting in a great time saving, increasing the efficiency of this machine. It has 5 workstations:

Angle shearing
Flat bars shearing
Bars cutting
Hydracrop 80 versions
Hydracrop 80 has 2 versions available, each with slightly different punching throat dimensions:

S Version: 300 mm Standard Throat.
SD Version: 500 mm Extended Throat.

Punching Power 80 Ton
Maximum capacity Ø 40 x 14 mm
Ø 24 x 24 mm
Shearing of Angles at 90º 130 x 130 x 13 mm
Shearing of Flat Bars

450 x 15 mm
300 x 20 mm

Shearing of Round Bars 45 mm
Shearing of Square Bars 45 mm
Rectangular Notching 90 x 52 x 12 mm